There’s a Fallout 4 infinite money glitch

There’s a Fallout 4 infinite money glitch that you should take advantage of before it’s fixed.

Fallout 4 gamers have discovered a way to get as many bottle caps – the in-game currency – as they could ever want, as reported by Eurogamer. 

They found a rather satisfying bug that provides limitless caps, unlocking plenty of items in the stores of the Wasteland.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy all ammo of one type from a vendor – for example, 308 (it seems to work with most vendors but not all)
  • Sell back one of the rounds
  • One round glitches and stays with you
  • Keep selling this until you’ve taken all the vendor’s bottle caps

You can take further advantage of this glitch by going around all the vendors you can find.

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Fallout 4 vendors will replenish their bottle cap supply every 24 in-game hours, so once you’ve hit that vendor, sleep for a day and go for him again.

Bethesda will most likely issue a patch for this rather fortuitous glitch soon, so go get those bottle caps while you still can.


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