The World’s Smallest PSU

Comes with a tiny price too.

It is common knowledge that technology is getting smaller: laptops, mobile phones, even the thickness of our TVs and cameras, but one item that has seemed to resist this downsizing is the humble power supply, until now.


At just 31 x 45 x 20mm (roughly the size of two AA batteries), the picoPSU-120 is the world’s smallest power supply. It snaps directly into a motherboard ATX connector, is fanless (and therefore completely silent) and its 120 watts of power is more than enough to run small form factor, low power PCs.

The patent pending technology that achieves this highly impressive power to size ratio is called HyperWatt and the whole device operates at 12V. VIA C3 and C7 processors, along with Pentium M centric machines are the most likely recipients of this teeny marvel and with an RRP of just $49.95 there’s no reason why any interested punter shouldn’t be able to get their eager mitts on one.

Naturally, I’m sure we’d all like to see pico make such a proportionately minute PSU aimed at more hardcore setups sporting Athlon X2s and Pentium Ds, because that really would be something…

Pick up the picoPSU-120 at the link below.