The Sony Walkman lives on as a £2,500 gold-plated hi-res audio player

Remember when hi-res audio was the next big thing? Usually that kind of proclamation is accompanied by high prices and a gradual shift towards consumer affordability.

Not in Sony’s case.

The company has just revealed a new range of Signature Series audio high-res audio gear (via Slashgear) including a gold plated Walkman music player costing $3,200 (about $2,400).

The NW-WM1Z comes with a gold-plated copper body, which Sony says will cut out magnetic interference and content resistance.

For the less extravagant high-resolution audio fan there’s the standard WM1A which will only cost $1,199 (£900).

For the outlay users will get the option to process audio, depending on the style of music behind. The DSEE-HX signal processing modes include Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Percussion, Strings and…arm… standard.

The 256GB Walkman also offers reassuring heft weighing in at 1lb and has a body that makes an iPod classic look positively scrawny.

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Now if you’re splashing up to $3,200 on an audio player, you’ll probably have no qualms with paying £2,300 (around £1,730) on a pair of headphones. The highly stylised MDR-Z1R cans only weigh 14oz too.

To complete the audiophile-grade set is the TA-ZH1ES, which supports the vast majority of hi-res audio formats.That will set you back $2,200. The grand total for the primo set up? $7,700 (around $5,790).

We don’t think we’ll be adopting Sony’s hi-res audio equipment any time soon.

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