The Sims Are Now In Business

Embrace your capitalist demons.

It could easily be argued that a secret agenda behind The Sims is the devious promotion of capitalism as the ultimate route towards human happiness, but now at least EA is being open about the fact.


Whereas before, players were informed that buying a larger sofa or getting making a larger house were the direct ways to mental bliss, the latest in a seemingly endless array of expansion packs spells it out. ‘Open For Business’ will no doubt sell like hotcakes, which – ironically – is one of the ways you can begin the game’s journey towards fiscal bliss.


In fact, Open For Business offers a virtually limitless way of starting out on the road to wads of cash. From clothing boutiques and lemonade stores to restaurants and investment businesses, the path really is open to whatever way your Branson-esque mind can conjure. All aspects of creating, owning and running a business are covered from the office layout to the managing of employees and materials. Training, promoting, hiring and firing, you’re the boss calling the shots.


Naturally, if you can start a company based around something your Sim already loves then so much the better, their positive attitude will rub off on other employees and customers and win local business awards from innovation, communal help and reputation. Then you can get really big and Wal-Mart the local competition…


“The Sims 2 Open for Business is truly an innovative and fresh addition to the franchise. It allows players to build their own business from the ground up, exploring a whole new economic landscape while pursuing their dreams of commercial success,” promotes senior producer Tim LeTourneau in a rather scary Thatcher-esque diatribe.

Sims 2: Open For Business is the third expansion pack for the uber-popular sequel to the uber-popular original (I know it feels like more). Keep a keen business eye peeled for it over the coming months.