The Perfect Portable Rechargeable Battery?

USB Fever takes design cues from others to make potentially the best solution yet.

We’ve seen external power supplies before like the Recharge4, but this feels like an evolutionary step…

Coming from USB Fever is the linguistically logical ‘USB Universal External Portable Rechargeable Battery’. Unlike previous solutions the UUEPRB (for short-”ish”) is extremely portable measuring just 72 x 28 x 21mm and weighing a meagre 45g – compare this to the Recharge4 which came in at 250 x 170 x 90mm and 360g with its battery adding a further 120g!

For all its dinkiness however the UUEPRB packs a real punch with a 2200mAh capacity and the ability to charge devices by more than fifty manufacturers including the iPhone, every model of iPod from 3G onwards, the Sony PSP, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, (new and old) Nokia and Samsung mobile phones and any device that takes its power from a mini USB port (which adds virtually every modern smartphone, PDA and digital camera ever made into the mix).

Operation is simple too: when a device runs out of power simply plug in the UUERPB and pick up where you left off. The additional battery life provided will vary from device to device as it is dependant on their individual power requirements, but at 2200mAh it should provide enough juice for multiple charges. A power indicator will also show you the status of the UUERPB, there’s an on/off switch when you’ve finished using it and at any time the UUERPB itself can be topped up from a mains power supply.

Even more impressive is that the UUERPB comes with an RRP of just $39.99 (£20) making it less than half the price of the bulky ReCharge4 and with the company promising “Shipping worldwide and no shipment fees needed” the product is outstanding value for money.

Globe trotters, road warriors and the forgetful you all know what to do

USB Universal External Portable Rechargeable Battery Product Page

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