The next Amazon Fire TV may have one big feature Apple TV is missing

The new Apple TV set-top box with tvOS may have stolen the show at Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ event on Tuesday, but it left one future-proofing feature off the table.

While the new and improved hockey puck eschewed the ability to stream 4K video, it seems the next-gen Amazon Fire TV will not.

A filing at the Federal Communications Commission in the United States suggests Amazon is looking to fit out a new set-top box with UltraHD compatibility.

The filing has been made under Quill Royall LCC for a HDMI Digital Media Receiver, with Blogger Dave Zatz (via TechHive) claiming this is an Amazon shell company.

The hint comes within a document that makes a reference to playing back a MPEG file at 4K.

The filming promises a device carrying HDMI, Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR, Bluetooth 4.1LE, a microSD reader, USB port, an Ethernet port and 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.

Amazon is currently out of stock of the existing Fire TV set-top box and has been since the middle of last month


That itself could be a sign a new device is on the way, perhaps alongside the rumoured $50 tablet and a couple of higher-end Kindle Fire slates.

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Has Apple missed a trick by not including 4K in the new Apple TV? Share your thoughts in the comments below.