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The Google app’s new personalised feed might just drag you off Facebook

Last December, Google updated its mobile search app to offer location-based news, sports and weather reports, but today it’s introducing a major update that will make the feed a more personalised, Facebook-esque platform.

Rolling out as of today, the update will add a personalised stream of articles, videos and other content in the form of ‘cards’ in the main space below the Google search bar. Essentially, this is Google’s latest effort to make its app a place to browse as well as search.

Google will draw upon your search history to curate the content that you see, as well a take account of what’s trending in your area, but you can also follow topics you’re interested in by tapping the ‘follow’ button alongside individual results. If you want to delve deeper into a particular topic, you can tap the header of that card to access more related content and check facts.

Obviously, the more you use Google, the more tailored and personalised your feed will become – and Google appears serious about making it a place to explore your interests rather than just getting the latest news. Instead of just offering up the most recent stories you might be interested in, it will also throw in older content likely to pique your interest, too.

The other good news is that Google isn’t letting any ads creep into the platform – although we’re certainly not holding out hope that it won’t eventually follow Facebook’s lead and introduce ad content based on your interests, too.

The update is live on Google’s flagship app for Android and iOS right now, and will start rolling out internationally in the next couple of weeks. All you have to do is open the Google app and scroll up to get your feed up and running.

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