The Fallout 4 launch trailer finally gives us some story hints

Bethesda has finally released the Fallout 4 launch trailer and it gives us a few hints as to what to expect from its storyline.

With the Fallout 4 release date nearly upon us, Bethesda has treated us to the official launch trailer for the game.

And for the first time since Fallout 4 was launched at E3 2015, we’ve finally got some storyline details.

“Everything can change in an instance, whether or not you’re ready,” explains the female protagonist.

“This wasn’t the world I wanted, but it was the one I found myself in,” adds the male counterpart. “But this time I’m ready, because I know war.”

The trailer takes you through some of the key locations of the game, which is set in Boston, Massachusetts in the US.

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It also explores questions of morality, as to whether you’d save the life of your fellow man if they were a synth.

We’re a little worried about the facial animations though, as one woman speaking in the trailer doesn’t seem to have any teeth, rather a black hole for a mouth.

“Beneath the Commonwealth, there’s a cancer known as The Institute. A malignant growth that needs to be cut becfore it infects the surface,” stresses one unknown character.

But enough of us blathering, watch the Fallout 4 launch trailer for yourself and see what you can glean from it.

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