The Division beta extended, PC version can be hacked

The Division beta has been extended for another night, but some players have discovered that the PC version is easily hackable.

Ubisoft’s upcoming RPG action game, The Division, is currently in closed multiplayer beta across PC, PS4 and Xbox One and was due to finish last night.

However, Ubisoft has extended the beta’s duration so that it ends tomorrow, February 2, at 11am.

That means you now have 24 additional hours to plug into The Division, although it’s worth noting that your character and progression will not carry over into the full game.

For anyone still waiting on entry to The Division beta, Ubisoft has confirmed that it is opening up more keys for those who signed up online.

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But for anyone playing on PC, it turns out that this particular version of the beta is very easily hacked.

According to posts on NeoGAF and Reddit, the exploits include altering various stats to make players have unlimited ammo and health, super-speed, critical hit chance, no recoil and unlimited health kits.

The hacks seem to be a result of players’ stats being stored on the client side, which users can then alter and push online.

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It seems the servers are allowing the altered values too, meaning you might come up against some fearsome foes.

The Division release date is scheduled for March 8 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft has announced that there will be three paid-for expansion packs and multiple free updates for the game, which will be released throughout 2016.