The Beer Swilling Game

10TACLE Studios AG has licensed drunken German annual event the Oktoberfest and decided to create a game around it.

Ok, so the competition is heating up. So far we’ve got shaving iPods and USB guitars, but our final entry for this year’s April Fool’s test really takes the pi#*. It’s a new game, based on the Oktoberfest no less.

Yes ladies and gents, you heard me correctly, the renowned German festival centred around getting completely hammered via huge steins of premium lager is going to be a computer game (or is it?). Naturally enough, 10tacle (the loony software house behind the idea) is German itself and intends to develop PC, video and mobile phone titles set around the pavilions, fun rides and fairground booths of the famous Münchner Wiesn venue.

As part of the package, 10tacle also gets to use the official Oktoberfest mascot: “Wies’n Wastl” (below) and they were keen to show him off.


Frank Holtz, spin doctor at 10tacle, said it the “international brand awareness” that was the most important criteria concerning its choice of licence.

“Groups of tourists from every part of the world find their way to Munich in time for the Oktoberfest,” he proclaimed. “Be it people from Australia, Japan or America,” he continued (giving us examples of parts of the world), “everybody wants to experience the Bavarian spectacle first hand.”

“By launching games focusing on the Oktoberfest, we hope to capture the fascination of this unique phenomenon and make it accessible to the general public. We are already looking forward to soon also welcoming all the players with the words ”O’zapft is!”” he concluded in broken English. (Incidentally, “O’zapft is” means “One draught beer!” don’t ask me how I know this).

Obviously at this early stage 10tacle has no screenshots or details to dish us on the types of games it hopes to release or what kinds of age restriction it expects to see awarded to its offerings. We at TR, however, have a few suggestions it might want to consider…

”’The Rules of The Game:”’

Ok, as you might have guessed by now, given that it is April Fool’s we’ve been kinda messing with you and – incredibly – only one of today’s stories is actually false! Can you guess which?

We’ll reveal the deceitful one by updating it on Monday.

Enjoy April Fool’s and a word of warning: Don’t do what I did when I was nine, where I pretended I had accidentally scratched my Dad’s car. I’d been smacked twice by the time I managed to get out that it was a joke!

”’Update 04/04/2005:”’

Ok guys, I know we updated the other two stories (for different reasons) but I’m still getting emails on this one declaring it to be lies, damn lies and, ultimately, more lies! I can assure you – scary as it is – the Oktoberfest computer game exists! Yeah, we know: ”the idea is enough to drive you to drink”… Please stop mailing us that line 🙂

(Linkout: 10tacle)
(Linkout: Oktoberfest)

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