The €7 MP3 Player

No really, really really, like really, really, really.

Just how cheap can you make an MP3 player? You’d be amazed…


If you’re a company called Evergreen the answer is just seven euros for its DN 2000, though the cheapest we’ve seen it in the UK is £8.52 including VAT at Scan. It has a rubber body, measures just 58 x 60 x 13mm and weighs only 30g so it is tiny too.

In a device that costs about the same as a discounted CD you’d think corners wouldn’t so much be cut as bulldozered and to be fair they have been, but for the money does it really matter? For example the only audio format supported is MP3 (fine), it has no radio (so what?), no built in mic (neither does an iPod) and no LCD (ditto the Shuffle).

Battery life is only five hours but it runs only a single AAA so it’s easily topped up and there is support for USB2.0 and SD memory cards up to 1GB. Given that the beauty of SD memory is its infinitely better value than a certain Sony brand we won’t mention that means you can pick up a gig online from around £15.


Given that a 1GB Shuffle sets you back £69 that’s an incredible £45 saving in total. And if you want to really rub Apple’s noses in it there’s another with LCD screen and support for WMA and WAV which has an eight hour battery life off the same AAA for £11.74 including VAT.

So if you live in a particularly dodgy neighbourhood with numerous dark alleyways you know exactly what to buy for the occasion. It’d be worth getting robbed just to see their expression when you hand it over. Maybe not, after a quick perusal he’s probably going to want to stab you.

Evergreen (Japan – only)

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