Samsung boils down making music to humming into an app

Samsung has introduced a new app from its C-Lab offshoot, which enables users to create musical scores simply by humming a tune into the smartphone’s microphone.

The Hum On app is described as a musical translator and takes simple hummed ditties and turns them into music scores featuring notes, timing and scales.

Hummers can then see their arrangements played back in their favourite genres; be it R&B, classical or rock.

Naturally, the tunes can then be shred via social media with Samsung suggesting they can also be a solution for those seeing copyright-free audio for YouTube videos.

In a post on the Samsung Tomorrow blog (via The Verge) the company wrote: “The app utilizes analysis software to detect the pitch and duration of a user’s voice, and machine learning to create a suitable accompaniment in the same way a musician considers melody and chords.

“Compared to similar existing programs, Hum On! is incredibly simple and user-friendly—two characteristics that make the app accessible to all.”

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Samsung says it is considering collaborating with musicians to improve the tool and perhaps even offer artist-inspired accompaniments.

The app, which is on show at South by South West is currently in development for Android, with no public release date mentioned yet.