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Tesla’s self-driving cars could be powered by Samsung

Samsung has endured a topsy-turvy year following the Note 7 debacle, so it stands to reason the firm may be looking to diversify its business opportunities.

Reports on Friday have claimed the Korean giant has gotten its foot in the door at the auto industry’s most innovative company in perhaps the most exciting sector in tech.

Korea’s Electronic Times sources (via Reuters) say the company is developing a custom system on a chip for use in Tesla’s in-development automated cars.

The report says the deal has been signed, but production of the chips may not begin for another three years. Sources say Samsung has identified the auto industry as an avenue for future growth.

Last month it was reported the company would also be working with BMW in order to build the brains for the German giant’s autonomous vehicles.

The company has also just spent a whopping $8 billion of Harman, a company that manufactures connected car equipment.

This approach differs greatly from the likes of Apple and Google who are both working on actually building cars.

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