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Tesla bumps UK prices by at least £3K – and you’ll only need one guess why

Tesla has announced it is to raise prices in the UK by 5% next year, to account for the post-Brexit fall in the value of sterling.

The EV giant says “currency fluctuations” are to blame for the hike, which will raise the price of the cheapest Model S Sedan by £3,000.

The vehicle, which is currently £58,900 will be £61,845, at the turn of the year (via Engadget).

So, if you’re thinking about buying a Tesla, head to your local showroom this week and save yourself three grand.

The firm does say used vehicles and those displayed in showrooms will not see a price increase.

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The price bump is the latest to hit British consumers and businesses since the vote to leave the EU on June 23.

The likes of Apple, OnePlus and Microsoft have all raised prices with the pound down about 20% on the dollar since the referendum.

The OnePlus 3 costs an extra £20, while the difference between the US and UK prices of the new MacBook Pro is now negligible.

Microsoft also announced it is hiking enterprise prices by 22% in the UK.

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