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Technics is reissuing its legendary SP-10 turntable to make audio geeks weep

At IFA 2017 Technics has unveiled the latest in its line of reissued turntables – and audiophiles will be checking their bank balances.

The Technics SP-10 is an audio legend. Never mind the mass-market SL-1200, the SP-10 was a turntable with no corners cut, no stone left unturned. This was a pro-quality playback device designed for broadcasting, at the very peak of the vinyl age. Secondhand models still trade hands for serious cash.

And now Technics has resurrected it in the form of the SP-10R.

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We shouldn’t be surprised, really, given the success of Technics’ reincarnations of its iconic DJ deck – first the high-end Technics SL-1200G and limited-edition SL-1200GAE, and then the more affordable SL-1200GR.

Among the specs that’ll get audio geeks gushing are a new coreless direct-drive motor with a two-sided rotor drive system and stator coils on both sides of the rotor. The platter, like that of the SL-1200G, is a sandwich of brass, die-cast aluminium and rubber, and weighs 7.9kg.

The SP-10R also features a new ultra-low-noise switching power supply in a discrete unit, separate from the turntable, to prevent cartridge hum.

As with the original ’70s SP-10 models, the core SP-10R doesn’t come with a plinth or tonearm, although Technics will also be selling a complete package that includes those items, the Technics SL-1000R.

The Technics SP-10R and SL-1000R will be available from spring 2018.

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