TDK Cracks 200GB Blu-ray Disc

Have the company's brainiacs completed the challenge just two weeks after announcing it? Kind of...

That didn’t take long!?! No sooner than TDK had announced its plans to develop a 200GB Blu-ray disc than the company has announced it has cracked it.


Actually, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. ”TDK says” it has cracked it and that is a very different concept to the one you suddenly have of a Peter Jackson uber-fest some lazy weekend.

Instead, we discover that TDK has taken a very different route to success than we could have anticipated. As we all – hopefully – know by now a single layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB of data, so a 50GB Blu-ray disc is comprised of two layers (or ‘Dual Layer’ as we all know it). Doing the maths means a 75GB disc has three layers, a 100GB disc has four layers and therefore a 200GBer has… six layers. Nope, my maths doesn’t suck.

In fact, this numerical anomaly is all TDK’s fault because it cheated. How? Well, it turns out that the company discovered it is possible to boost the capacity of Blu-ray single layer to 33GB. How this is done involves bismuth peroxide and a many PhDs but essentially what it creates is a deeply pitted medium enabling more data to be recorded over the increased surface area.

Problem: it varies from the Blu-ray spec and TDK tells us that it is currently unclear whether such a disc would work on a standard Blu-ray player (which clearly means it doesn’t at this stage). Either way, it appears that a next generation standard has just been released to the public only to be significantly improved by a potentially incompatible modification. Oh joy!

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