Tag will swap out Connected Watch for a ‘proper’ watch in two years

When you buy a nice watch, you want it to last for years right? For want of a better term, if you’re spending big bucks on a timepiece, you want it to be timeless.

That’s one of the key problems facing smartwatch buyers right now. Even when spending hundreds on a new watch there’s a good chance the tech, functionality, software and feature set could be obsolete within a couple of years.

When announcing its new Connected Watch on Monday, Tag Heuer has comprehensively solved this problem.

After two years with the $1,500 Android Wear watch, Tag will let consumers swap out their timepiece for a traditional, classic Carrera watch, which the digital design is based on.

At extra cost, users will be able to get a mechanical Carerra Watch. That’s a pretty big deal, all things considered.

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Once your Connected Watch is no longer at the forefront of Android Wear tech, you’ll still be able to acquire an Swiss-made heirloom for your $1,500 outlay.

The ability to switch out for a timeless timepiece gives Tag a considerable advantage over Apple and other Android Wear watchmakers.

Not only has the switch watchmaker justified the cost of its new smartwatch, it’s also giving buyers an out if they decide they prefer a more traditional watch.

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