T-Mobile’s Spruced Up SideKick Hits UK

Perfect for those who want simplicity AND a Qwerty keyboard...

While SideKicks have traditionally looked like what would happen if a smartphone were designed by Tomy, the ‘Slidekick Slide’ (which I first spotted in July) is an entirely different animal – and now it’s here!

Naturally enough, little has changed from the specs we saw first time round – Qwerty thumbboard, 2.5in LCD, 1.3MP camera, nicely integrated IM and email client from Danger, music support for MP3, AAC and WMA files and a microSD expansion card slot – but it is noticeably more portable (a 25 per cent reduction in size to be precise) and Motorola has done a far better job than Sharp with the styling.

Perhaps most important for the SideKick Slide however is its UK home with T-Mobile. The network is packaging the handset with its superb flat rate Web n Walk data package to ensure owners aren’t scared off its web orientated features. It also isn’t making the device prohibitively expensive with the Slide free on Flext 30 and above.

Of course the Slide isn’t targeting the power business user – it lacks WiFi, 3G and a touchscreen – but it could well be the bridging handset to get 18 to 25 year olds away from T9 and, ironically at the other end of the scale, it should appeal to older generations scared off by the complexity of full on smartphones.

Sadly Paris Hilton is famed for using a SideKick but please try not to hold that against what looks to be cracking addition to the UK market…

T-Mobile UK