T-Mobile Intros Pay-Per-Day Mobile Broadband

Beyond sensible.

Mobile broadband is ”fantastic”: speeds are increasing and prices are coming down – but nothing has really catered for the occasional dabbler. Until now…

With ‘Pay-Per-Day Broadband’ T-Mobile has addressed perhaps the only hole in its impressive offerings charging customers a flat rate £4 for an unlimited data allowance (subject to the usual fair use policies, naturally).

This could prove a boon to those needing fast access on a sporadic basis and comes contract free. That said, the company has also cut prices across the rest of its range, so if you need to access the web more than four times a month you’d be better off with this:

T-Mobile ‘Web n’ Walk Plus’ (3.2Mbps HSDPA broadband without VoIP) is now just £20pm – a cut of more than 30 per cent on its previous £29pm RRP. On the other hand, VoIP addicts are also catered for since ‘Web n Walk Max’ is dropping from £44pm to just £35pm. Both contracts come with a choice of free card or USB based modems too making them fantastic value for money and new and existing customers are both eligible. On the downside, each package is subject to a lengthy two year contract.

Commitment issues aside, if all this ”still” isn’t tempting you then T-Mobile says it will raise the speeds of its HSDPA package this year from 3.6Mbps to a rollicking 7.2Mbps. Even with potential real world reductions, this latest data rate is likely to be faster than the one most of us (though not me, naturally!) have in our own homes.

Are we getting spoiled? I think so…