Symantec Launches Norton 2008 Series

Surprise! It's faster!

Despite having been something of a resource hog in recent years Symantec’s Norton security software remains the most popular on the market and with the latest series it promises to have gotten a whole lot better…

The company has formally announced its 2008 product line this week which will lead off with Norton AntiVirus 2008 and Norton Internet Security 2008. They do all the usual things you’d expect: protect against viruses, spyware, infected emails, dodgy attachments, instant messenger attacks and so on and so forth but what about the specifically new features?

There’s a bunch:

*”’Browser Defender”’ — Zero-day protection against obfuscated code attacks using ActiveX, JavaScript and VBScript that specifically target the IE browser.

*”’Norton Identity Safe”’ — IS 2008 only – Controls which information is shared with Web sites, stores private information securely and fills in passwords and Web forms automatically. It also encrypts passwords and other confidential data and is secure against keystroke loggers.

*”’One-Click Support”’ — Matches the superior support options seen in Norton 360 with direct tech support via telephone, free email or free live chat — all from within the main user interface.

*”’Home Network Feature”’ — Monitors the overall security status of other computers across a network which have IS 2008 or AntiVirus 2008 installed. In addition, IS 2008 checks the status of wireless network security and recommends wireless security settings.

*”’Performance”’ — Away goes the flab! Norton claims IS 2008 responds 22 per cent faster and completes a quick scan up to 39 per cent faster than IS 2007. Symantec also claims the 2008 line has the fastest boot times, lowest memory usage, full scan times and interface response when compared to its nine largest competitors (but expect that to be disputed).

So the 2008 products look to be the most enticing for some time and it appears the company has finally dumped the rather lazy incremental update approach it had a few years ago.

Vista and XP compatible, the range goes on sale by the end of September with AntiVirus 2008 coming in at £39.99 and IS 2008 going for £49.99, both with three PC licenses. Discounts are also available to existing Norton customers.

Welcome back to the table skinny Nortons – your tofu awaits.


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