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Swatch smartwatch battery will last six months, coming 2016

Battery life is a major topic of contention in the wearables space, but Swatch wants to rectify that with a new cell technology.

The Swiss-based watchmaker is currently working on a new ‘long-life battery’ for smartwatches, as reported by Reuters.

The company’s CEO Nick Hayek, speaking to Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung, hopes the battery will help Swatch dominate the market.

“Whoever brings a battery for a smartwatch to the market that you don’t need to charge for six months has a competitive advantage,” he explained.

He continued: “We’re working intensively on this problem with our research group Belenos and battery producer Renata.”

The CEO said the battery technology would also be applicable to cars, another industry where battery life is increasingly important.

“Next year we will come to the market with a revolutionary battery, not only for watches but also for automobiles,” Hayek said.

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A long-lasting smartwatch battery would be a welcome boon to the sector, particularly as wearables slowly trudge into the mainstream.

Apple recently made its first foray into the market, putting its fledgling Apple Watch up for sale on April 24.

Unfortunately, battery life still appears to be an issue even with Apple’s offering, with the Watch only good for around 18 hours of normal usage.

Will extended battery life be enough to bring wearables to the fore, or are smartwatches little more than a gimmick? Let us know in the comments.