Swash lets you ‘refresh’ your dirty dry cleaning

If like us you find a mountainous pile of dirty clothes strewn around the laundry basket at the end of the week, you might want to check out the Swash.

A new clothing care system design to ‘refresh’ your already worn clothes or fusty garments that have been hidden at the back of the closest all winter, Swash will let you go that one more wear before being forced into a trip to the dry cleaners.

Although Swash will not give your garments a thorough clean – you will still need your washing machine for that – a 10 minute refresh in the upright device will reportedly remove wrinkles and – fortunately for those sat next to you on the morning train – “neutralise odours”.

How does this cleaning witchcraft work? Well, it’s actually quite simple.

The pull out sliding door features an adjustable hanger for your clothes, with clips holding items tight and flat. A Swash pod is then inserted into the top of the door.

When shut, this bespoke cleaning liquid is sprayed in a fine mist over both sides of the garment, before a forced air system heats things up. The result, no more creases and wrinkles and a masked pong.

The Swash Express Clothing Care System is available in two colours, black and a beige hue. At present the device is available exclusively through Bloomingdales outlets in the US, although we would like to see it jump across the pond soon.

Removing the need for a plumped in water supply or waste outrun, the mains powered Swash will set wannabe owners back $499 (£293).

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Via: Gizmag