Superhot coming to Xbox One early next month

Superhot is set to release for Xbox One on May 3, developer SUPERHOT has confirmed.

The stylish, time-bending shooter debuted on PC, Mac and Linux earlier this year, and now it’s diving onto consoles.

With no regenerating health or ammo packs, Superhot is a shooter with difference. Time only moves when you do, and the same goes for the enemies hurtling towards you.

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By using an assortment of guns, melee weapons and wits you must outsmart the enemy in any way possible.

We loved Superhot, scoring it 8/10 in our review:

“Superhot could well turn out to be the year’s most ingenious and influential shooter, transforming each taut action scene into both puzzle and wish-fulfilment spectacle. It’s short and can feel proscriptive, with trial and error woven into its DNA, but it’ll make your heart race, your adrenaline surge and your mind work a little harder. It’s a bold, brief and brilliant blaster.”

Will you be picking it up on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.