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Super Mario Bros has its first level recreated on HoloLens and it’s amazing

A talented developer has recreated the classic opening level of Super Mario Bros in augmented reality.
Using Microsoft’s HoloLens, the brief demo has a player donning the headset as he walks through New York City’s Central Park as the perky plumber.

Created by Abhishek Singh, it’s really impressive how Mario’s iconic opener happens to fit into augmented reality. It looks pretty damn fun, too.
While the experience is brief, the demo allows you to hit blocks with your head, stomp goombas and even chase after mushrooms to increase your height.
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Singh also features an alternative view of the experience showing how he actually looks while playing in the headset. Obviously, he’s dressed for the occasion.
We’d be cautious about waltzing through a public park wearing a £2,700 headset, so it’s hard not to admire his bravery.
Despite its brevity, it’s both surreal and entertaining to see Nintendo’s classic platformer recreated in a different medium.
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