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Study shows Google Home is six times smarter than the Amazon Echo

Google has been trying to catch up to its competitor Amazon in the smart home market for some time, since the latter launched the increasingly popular Amazon Echo ahead of the big G.

And while Google Home still has a way to go before it becomes a mainstream hit, a new study appears to show it’s significantly smarter than Amazon’s smart speaker.

That is, the device was shown to be six times more likely to answer user questions than the Echo according to New York-based 360i (via AdWeek).

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The ad agency developed its own software to test the two speakers, by asking both voice-controlled devices 3,000 questions and comparing the answers.

The results are interesting considering Amazon’s smart speaker reportedly accounts for about 70% of the smart speaker market at this point.

amazon echoAmazon’s Echo performed best in retail search queries

However, it remains unclear just what questions were asked during the study, which could be a big factor when considering the differences between the two devices’ search capabilities.

No doubt Google’s superior general search capabilities played some part in the result, but the report does note that Amazon’s Alexa assistant, which runs on the Echo, was, unsurprisingly, pretty impressive when it came to retail search.

Google, on the other hand, has been buiding its “Knowledge Graph” which is essentially a database of facts collated from Google search results over the past five years.

It’s this which gives the company such an edge when it comes to general search results, though Amazon is improving its service all the time.

That means, the types of questions that were asked could cast new light on just how the results were reached in this particular case.

We’re sure more information will be made available in time, so stay tuned for more on the study in the coming weeks.

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