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Street Fighter 5 Guile trailer released

Capcom has released a new trailer showing off the next DLC character for Street Fighter 5: Guile.

The trailer shows the glorious return of Guile’s iconic hangar stage from Street Fighter 2, as well as giving us a look at his new moves.

You can see from the trailer that Guile packs some powerful combos, mid-air throws as well as of course the return of the Sonic Boom.

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GUile will launch for free for all players, and will remain a free player until the Zenny shop (Street Fighter 5’s in-game currency) launches and the US soldier gets his own trials and narrative arc. Guile’s battle costume will be free to all Season Pass holders.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself:

Capcom has continued to receive criticism for the lack of content in SFV, but has promised to work to resolve the situation, after initially ‘underestimating demand’.

Let’s hope the developer has learned its lesson moving forward with the game, which undoubtedly has some excellent gameplay.