Stranger Things Season 3: Everything you need to know

Stranger Things Season 3: Everything you need to know

Stranger Things Season 2 hit Netflix on October 27, with the whole series presented for fans to binge watch. Many of us have done that now, leaving us to look ahead to Stranger Things Season 3. Here’s what we know so far including release date rumours, plot theories and cast information. Note that what follows is likely to feature spoilers.

By now, many are likely to have crunched through the series and are wondering what’s next for Eleven, Will, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and newcomer Max, along with the residents of Hawkins.

Given the popularity of Stranger Things, a third season is likely on the cards for Netflix. Nothing has been officially announced but there’s plenty of titbits and rumours to fuel speculation, so here’s what we reckon we know so far with a health dollop of speculation.

A final warning that Demigorgon-level spoilers lie ahead!

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Stranger Things Season 3: Release date

Of course, no release date has been announced. But what we do know is creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, have confirmed they’re working on a follow-up season. It’s early days and the details are still being figured out.

Atlanta Filming, a Twitter account claiming to be run by a celebrity photographer and a known source of filming information, noted in August that the filming of Stranger Things Season 3 is “starting soon.”

The first season of Stranger Things launched July 2016, with season 2 following it some 15 months later. So if season 3 sticks to a similar series gap then we could expect to see it land on Netflix late-2018 or early-2019.

But given the second series tied up a collection of loose ends with the main cast, there’s likely to be a shift in season 3 which could take longer to figure out and push the season back into spring or even summer 2019.

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Stranger Things Season 3: Cast

Speaking of figuring out things, a big question is who from the cast of the previous seasons will return.

Many of the story arcs of the main cast have been resolved. Mike and Elle are reunited, Dustin and Lucas have developed their characters, Will is no longer that kid in school who’s always ill, Steve has moved from jock into nice guy, Nancy and Jonathan are together, Hopper has a daughter in the from of Eleven, and Joyce can mourn Bob without worrying about her son’s otherworldly afflictions.

However, the cast has been well-received, with various members winning all manner of TV and acting accolades. So it could be premature to move away from a stellar bunch of characters and cast. And characters like Max and her older step-brother Billy were introduce,d but had little time to develop as fully as other characters that have been around for two seasons.

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As such, there’s a good chance the whole cast could come back for one more rodeo of strange events and forays into the ‘upside down’.

That being said, several members of the cast have seen their fame rise, which helped them secure new parts in other productions; Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan, has a part in The New Mutants film, while Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, will be staring in Godzilla: King of Monsters which is currently in the post-production stage.

This would mean that some members of the cast are not able to make it back to Stranger Things if filming is indeed underway or due to start very shortly.

One character pretty much confirmed to be back is Kalli, Elle’s ‘sister’ and fellow psychic powers-equipped teenager, also known as ‘Eight’. She appeared in an Eleven-centric seventh episode of season 2 that wasn’t well-received by many fans, seemingly eschewing the nostalgic 80s vibes the series has when it sticks with the main collective cast and remains in the Hawkins area.

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But despite this, the Duffer Brothers revealed Kalli, played by Linnea Berthelsen, would almost certainly be back. Whether than means she’ll be joined by her gang of misfits and dropouts seen in season 2, we’ll have to wait and see.

Erica, Lucas’ sassy younger sister, has also been confirmed by the Duffer brothers as returning. ‘We got to use more Erica’ — that was one of the first things we said in the writers’ room,” Matt Duffer reportedly said.

Stranger Things Season 3: Plot

Now we reach the point of full-throttle speculation. So far there have been no hints on what a third season of Stranger Things could entail, other than the overwhelming likelihood that it will feature Kalli.

As mentioned earlier, there are not many loose ends to be tied up from season 2, other than fleshing out the new characters and potentially exploring the next moves of the season’s shadow monster, which is seen hovering over a version of Hawkins school in the upside down world, having been sealed there by Elle in the final episode.

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We’d entertain the idea that season 3 actually leaves Hawkins and focusses on Kalli and her development, perhaps taking on a darker 80s tint rather than one steeped in nostalgia. It would be a big move for the series but would at least keep things fresh.

Alternatively, there’s still a lot of mileage to be had from the main characters, particularly with the introduction of Max. So perhaps as the gang investigates a new ‘stranger thing’ cropping up in Hawkins and are joined by Kalli, who offers a different perspective on the use of powers that divides the group.

Or as the gang investigates a mystery, Kalli starts a parallel journey back to Hawkins lab to find more about her past and the reason for her powers, eventually meeting up with Elle.

In this scenario, the two could either join forces and explore their past while discovering a shared destiny. Or they could clash over the way they deal with the people who experimented on them, as was shown briefly in season 2, leading to Elle to discover the extent of her powers. Kalli was setup to be a bit of an antagonist in the last season, after all.

If the main cast and supporting characters do return, we can expect to see the relationship between Nancy and Jonathan evolve for better or worse, see Steve and Billy further clash, and for Max to become a more integral part of the main group of kids.

No doubt Hopper and Joyce would return, complete with their uncanny knack of stumbling into mysteries. And there’s still the mystery of what exactly happened to Hopper’s daughter Sara, who may have been a subject at the Hawkins Lab according to internet theories.

Stranger Things Season 3: What’s next?

We have enough titbits to chew over for the time being, given Stranger Things Season 2 is still fairly fresh. But come the New Year, we’d be keen to hear a little more.

No doubt the Duffer brothers will let slip a few more details. However, it’ll be some time before a trailer for the next season crops up, and unless leaks occur, we won’t be expecting to see any promotional material until at least September 2018.

There’s an outside chance that Netflix could create a spin off series like it has with Better Call Saul, which riffs off Breaking Bad, but perhaps we’re falling too far into hopeful speculation.

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Do you have any theories on Stranger Things Season 3? If so, let us know on Twitter or Facebook.