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Steve Jobs movie trailer launched, previews Ashton Kutcher as Apple co-founder

A theatrical movie trailer for Jobs, the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic staring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple co-founder, has been released.

Having recently been confirmed as facing launch delays, the new Jobs trailer is the first live action content of the movie to be released, with just a selection of stills having previously done the rounds online. Jobs is set to hit theatres on August 16.

Offering a true sense of the span of Jobs’ life covered in the upcoming biopic, the newly launched Jobs trailer shows Kutcher portray Apple’s co-founder and former CEO on his route from setting up what is now the world’s largest company in his parents’ garage, to launching the iconic likes of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Attacking the nitty-gritty of Jobs’ personality, the film will also touch on his being ousted from Apple for 10 years and his relationship with his estranged daughter.

With Kutcher having previously suggest the role of playing Steve Jobs was meant for him, the film’s produced has stated the Two and a Half Men star has focussed solely on his portrayal of Jobs for some time.

He is already meeting with folks that knew Jobs,” producer Mark Hulme said in a recent interview. “He’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s cancelled all meetings and actually cancelled all other projects.”

One of two films looking at the life of Steve Jobs, the other being penned by Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin, Jobs sees Josh Gad star alongside Kutcher, playing fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Panning the film before its theatre release, Wozniak, having viewed early footage, recently stated that Jobs would have left the belated Apple head “offended and embarrassed.”

He stated: “As far as the personalities that were in that scene [laughs] this was just ridiculous. Like Steve Jobs as some sort of ‘oh my gosh, I’m the father of society, I’ve got the ideas that are gonna drive the–‘ No, he didn’t act like that at all.”

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