Steam revives canned Xbox One Family Sharing feature, makes it its own

Valve, the owner of the cloud gaming platform Steam, has announced plans for a new Family Sharing program, that’ll allow users to share their entire games library with 10 additional devices.

The feature will allow gamers to lend their digital libraries to any of their friends and family, providing only one person is accessing the library at any one time.

If users see that a family member or friend has installed a game

they also want to play, they can send a request to the lender to

authorise their computer. Once the owner of the game has signed off on

the request, that entire library of steam games will be available to

access, download and play on that machine.

The person borrowing the game will be able to earn their own

achievements and save their own progress in the cloud on their own

device. There are few restrictions with the program, which users can

request Beta access to right now.

If owners of the game wish to play their own game, the

lender will be given a few minutes to save their game and quit, or

purchase the game themselves to continue.

The feature practically mirrors the Family Sharing scheme Microsoft had in mind for the Xbox One before it fell victim to the infamous policy changes relating to DRM restrictions.

Since Microsoft put the kibosh on the feature, gamers have petitioned to bring it back, with Microsoft hopeful it can do so in the future.

Until that time, it seems Steam has simply taken perfectly good Microsoft’s plan and put it into action. It’ll be interesting to see whether Microsoft has a response.

Via Engadget