Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray and DVD release date is now official

Grab your lightsabers and start your pod-racers, because Star Wars is coming to a disc-player near you.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens release date for home-viewing has now been released.

The film will be available on both Blu-Ray and DVD as of April 5. A combo-pack of both will retail in the US for $24.95.

Meanwhile, The Force Awakens will also be available digitally on April 1, earlier than the disc release.

However, the discs come with a number of extras, including ‘making-of’ featurettes, plus interviews with the cast and crew.

star wars force awakens blu-ray

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It’s worth noting that a recent leak put the UK release date as April 18. It’s not yet clear whether the UK does have a later release date, or whether the leak was inaccurate.


Will you be buying the movie on DVD, Blu-ray, or digitally? Let us know in the comments.