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Spotify now helps you fall asleep without waking you up again

Spotify has finally added a sleep timer to its Android app, which will allow streamers to nod off without music continuing to play throughout the night.

The addition enables users to set 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute time limits for music to automatically shut off. By tapping the overflow menu within the Android app, users will also be able to shut down the tunes at the end of the current track.

The new sleep timer will also give users a countdown clock letting them know how long is left before the music stops, hopefully after the user has entered the land of nod.

The feature, which is a common feature of podcast apps for example, will be enjoyed by those who struggle to fall asleep at night without listening to music. Reddit users (via Android Police) originally noticed the addition of the feature before the weekend.

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It’s a welcome addition for Android users, but hasn’t been necessary on iPhones due to the built-in sleep timer within iOS. Apple’s sleep timer is a lesser-known feature, but is quite easy to access for those with compatible third party media apps, of which Spotify is one. All it takes is to access the ‘Timer’ functionality within the Clock app. After setting the timer, users need to select the ‘When Time Ends’ option beneath the timer wheels.

From here, it’s possible to scroll down to the bottom, beyond the tones, and choose ‘Stop Playing’. Here, instead of playing a tone to signal the end of the countdown timer, the media in question will cease playing and iPhone owners can just nod off to sleep.

Considering Android owners don’t benefit from similar functionality, the Spotify feature addition is most welcome. While the new tool isn’t a huge deal, it does help those Spotify us