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Spotify is experimenting with a new pricing tier for couples

Currently, Spotify only has subscriptions available for one or six people. If there aren’t six people in your house, and you resent the idea of paying for four extra accounts you don’t use, then you may be interested in the music streaming company’s latest experiment.

Called Premium Duo, the offer is exclusively for pairs, be they couples or roommates. The only stipulation is that they must live at the same address – something Spotify gets you to confirm when you sign up.

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Rather neatly, Spotify will also treat you to Duo Mix: an auto-generated playlist that will update with music it thinks both you and your partner/roommate will enjoy. Duo Mix comes with “chill” and “upbeat” options to ensure the tempo matches your mood, but it would be interesting to see how Spotify’s algorithms cope with people of diametrically-opposed tastes.

Crucially, it’s cheaper than the current family plan. While we don’t have a pound-sterling pricing due to the five territories the test is being run in (Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Chile and Colombia), we can have a pretty good guess thanks to the Irish prices listed, which are in Euros. It comes to €12.49 per month, with a regular subscription costing €9.99 and a family plan €14.99. Given Premium and family plans cost £9.99 and £14.99 over here, it would be surprising if it didn’t cost £12.49 should if it ever cross the border or the Irish Sea to the UK.

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That remains an “if” for now. This is only a test and Spotify is presumably waiting to see on how fast uptake is before committing to sharing the Duo plan further. Watch this space.

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