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Soon Alexa could be used to control everything you watch on TV

Amazon has released a new Video Skill API that will make it possible for all streaming apps to be controlled via the Alexa voice assistant.

While Alexa-device owners can already summon content from apps like Netflix, the new API will enable developers to built the functionality into their own apps.

As well as video streaming apps, this could also apply to cable and satellite providers, Amazon says.

For consumers, this will boost the ability to search for content from a larger number of different sources.

In a post to developers, Amazon says: “Companies can now teach Alexa how to interface with their video content and services. This means you can build experiences that allow your customers to easily find and consume video content without invoking a specific skill. For example, a customer could say, “Alexa, play Manchester by the Sea” without specifying a provider or device.”

Should cable and satellite providers get on board, users will be able to say “Alexa, find comedies” to get a rundown of the available content from a number of networks (via TechCrunch).

As far as consumers are concerned, providing there Video Skill API has been incorporated, all consumers will need will be an Amazon Echo or an Alexa-based device like the Fire TV box or stick.

Dish Network in the US is already building in this functionality, while YouView in the UK is also planning to do likewise.

One can imagine standalone streaming apps and on-demand platforms will likely follow suit.

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