Sony’s New Flagship Bravia Home Theatre Projector

Good things come in huge packages.

It looks as if the home theatre projector market is finally beginning to take off, and products like this are going to help it considerably…

Targeting the hardcore (and undoubtedly flush) cinephile is the ‘Bravia VPL-VW200 SXRD’, a product Sony describes as combining “the best features from three award-winning projectors (the VPL-VW60, the VPL-VW100 and the QUALIA 004) together with the latest BRAVIA high-end LCD televisions”. Intrigued/confused? Read on…

The VPL-VW200 uses the company’s latest high frame rate ‘Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (that’s the ”SXRD” bit) which delivers a 1080p Full HD 24p True Cinema resolution through a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. A superlative 35,000:1 contract ratio, 800 lumens brightness, 2.5ms response time, 100Hz frame rate and short throw technology capable of casting an 80in screen from just 2.5m get the juices flowing further.

As for the tele reference, Sony has crammed in its Brave Engine Pro image processing creating something of a hybrid device. It is almost the size of a TV too, because at 496 x 175 x 574cm and weighing in at 20Kg this is certainly not a model for the occasional dabbler on a budget.

Perhaps disappointingly however this cinematic monster only supports two HDMI 1.3 ports when we have been getting used to three, but it does sport component, S-video and Composite and will run ultra quiet at 22dB.

Due out as soon as next month, Sony has delayed heart attacks and tears by withholding the VPL-VW200 SXRD’s RRP (that’s a lot of acronyms). Still, it won’t belong before it bursts out so tissues at the ready (a line I rather regret typing)…

”’Update:”’ It’ll set you back £8,500. Ouch? Yep, but like a stamp on the toe not a cheese grater down the back.

Sony UK