Sony’s Micro Monster

Up to 5GB now which means we can fit on a whole DVD (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

Sony has reached a new landmark capacity with its Micro Vault Pro storage line: a cracking 5GB.


Built around a one inch hard disk drive, this little/big boy should be able to store around 9000 two megapixel photos or more than two hours of DVD quality video (or the entire DVD if you are sneaky in mind!).

Naturally, the Micro Vault Pro is a USB2.0 device given the storage space available (can you even imagine using USB1.0 with it?!) and it comes with Sony’s Auto Sync file synchronisation software which does exactly what its highly descriptive name suggests.


Capacities begin at just 128MB, but quickly scale up (there is a 256MB biometric fingerprint access enabled model that has been out for a while, but which we would like to see in larger sizes – please).

The 5GB Micro Vault Pro (we refuse to capitalise every letter like Sony does, as it looks like we are SHOUTING!) is available immediately and you can get yours for 219 euros including VAT (UK pricing to follow).

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-order Deals – Free Samsung Galaxy Buds

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