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Sony Xperia Z2 release date could see major stock shortages

Sony has admitted it may struggle to keep up with demand come the Sony Xperia Z2 release date.

Unless you’ve already pre-order the Xperia Z2 from a participating retailer, you may not be able to get a handset next month.

Some retailer sources suggested that the release date had been pushed back to May, but Sony says it is still on for April.

“Xperia Z2 will be available in the UK during April and we are expecting to deliver to all consumers who have placed a pre-order through our key partners,” said a Sony spokesperson to TrustedReviews.

However, Sony went on to say that it anticipates it will not have enough Xperia Z2 stock to meet the demand when the phone is released in April.

“We are working tirelessly to maximise stock levels in April but currently we do not expect to meet the high demand across all our sales channels.”

Although Sony suggests the stock shortages are due to “high demand” for the 2014 flagship, other sources hint the issues are thanks to manufacturing problems.

According to one report, Sony is suffering from a “component manufacturing issue from a third party” manufacturer, but this hasn’t been confirmed by the Japanese electronics giant.

Sony added that it will provide further stock information closer to the April release date, but until then if you definitely want the Xperia Z2 you better hit that pre-order button.

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