Sony Xperia miro and tipo – Budget Android ICS Phones

Sony has revealed yet more phones in its Xperia line-up. The Sony Xperia tipo and miro are budget Android phones that run the latest version of the software – Ice Cream Sandwich.

The higher-end of the two is the miro. It features a 3.5in screen, 5-megapixel camera and 4GB of internal memory. Only the 800MHz processor clearly reveals its budget roots – although this should still give enough power to get casual games running at a fair old clip.

The Sony Xperia tipo is a little smaller, with a 3.2in touchscreen. Other features include a 3.2-megapixel camera and 2.9GB of internal memory. Although the least attractive of the two, in spec terms, it packs a respectable 320 x 480 pixel resolution and uses the same 800MHz clock speed as its bigger brother.

It uses a slightly different design, though. Where the Sony Xperia miro looks a lot like the other phones in the range – with only lightly curved edges and a clearly-defined bottom area – the tipo is curvier and friendlier-looking. Neither is a bad-looking phone, though. The tipo will come as a dual SIM version too, making it a potentially great travel partner.

The Sony Xperia miro and tipo will be available in Q3 2012.