Sony Unveils iMac Rivalling AIO PC

Looks arguably better and offers upgrade potential.

If you liked the look of the new iMac range, but decided it was lacking, or couldn’t be subverted to the Mac way of life (should that be iLife?) then Sony may have solved your dilemma. With the launch of its new LT range of all-in-one desktops, with built in TV tuners and Blu-ray players the company certainly seems to have come up trumps, aesthetically if nothing else.

The LT-series offers a 22in screen, which makes up the best part of the front fascia and is decked in a silver griddle effect aluminium surround Apple-esque white border, which rests in a glass outer bezel. It sounds complicated, but the images look fantastic. Internally things look just as good. The usual range of Core 2 processors will be on offer with 2GB RAM and an nVidia 8400M GT, the later indicating that this, again like the iMac, is based on a notebook chassis. Also on-board is Draft-N wireless for linking to your high-speed 802.11n network, should you have one.

Unlike the iMac, however, is the ability to upgrade the hard drive. Similar to the PlayStation 3, a removable tray will accommodate an additional drive which for a media-centric device should be a great feature. Of course the inbuilt 4x Blu-ray writer will also allow you to watch high definition content on your PC/TV hybrid. Finally the built in tuner is able to run without the need to boot the PC itself, which is great if you don’t like waiting half an hour before you can tune in to an episode of Quincy ME or The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Pricing is only given in dollars minus tax currently, so we’re having to guess UK pricing but the base model will cost $1,900 (about £1,150) while the fully fitted, Blu-ray sporting system will set you back a more significant $2,900 (£1,700). If you want to get your hands on a VAIO LT then check out the Sony website in October time.

Sony press release.

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