Sony Unveils £3k Bond Laptop

Licence to make you poor? (But very cool)

Just what kind of laptop would Bond use? According to Sony, a flipping expensive one…

The ‘007’ (what else?) is a stunningly beautiful thin and light laptop which takes more than a snifter of influence from the (s)MacBook Air(/s) X505 and weighs just 1.5Kg thanks to its stunning carbon fibre chassis.

The 007 is as sophisticated on the inside as it is outside too with a 13.3in LED backlit screen, Blu-ray drive, spy-friendly fingerprint reader and motion eye web camera, plus a whopping 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a choice of 128GB SSD or 320HDD.

Naturally the 007 is also a limited edition machine so even if you do have the cash to stump up you’ll need to be quick as pre-orders close on 31 October and then you’re out of luck. How much cash? A wallet destroying £2,999 for those of you without a licence to kill though you do get the kudos of knowing it’s a cert to be featured in the new Quantum of Solace movie (Olga Kurylenko *drool*).

On the other hand the more opportunistic amongst you may be able to pick up this secret service friendly machine by simply monitoring your local train seats…

Sony UK