Sony TV Line-UP Adds Bravia Engine 3, AppliCast

Improved image processing and overlay widgets.

Thought green as a dinosaur credentials were all Sony’s latest Bravia range had to offer? Then think again, because the WE5, W5500, E5500, E5300, V5500, and S5500 have a few other tricks up their metaphorical sleeves. Sony packed improved video processing, media streaming capabilities and Internet connectivity into its latest Bravias.

Dubbed AppliCast, Sony’s widget system is similar to that shown off by Toshiba at CES, and enables data from the ‘net to be displayed on the TV directly. These are accessed via Sony’s XMB interface and range from weather forecasts to world clocks to a calendar.

Also found through the XMB is DLNA streaming, enabling media files located on a compatible network device to be played directly on the TV. Exactly what media is unspecified, but hopefully DivX is on the bill – going by the PS3’s precedent.

Bravia Engine 3 brings with it technologies such as Motionflow 100Hz, Sony’s frame doubling method which, assisted by Motion Blur Reduction, is intended to clean up original frames before inserting new ones. As with all similar techniques, the idea is to produce a smoother image than provided to the TV.

Interesting stuff.


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