Sony Takes Car Multimedia To The Next Level

iPhone-esque interface and large display makes this the ultimate thief trophy.

While a moving vehicle may not be the best place ever to watch videos, in-car entertainment systems are starting to take off – and their sales look set to explode if we keep seeing devices like this…

From Sony comes the ‘XAV-W1’ – a veritable monster of a multimedia device with more than a little hint of the iPhone touchscreen interface about it.

Sitting at its heart is a stunning 7in WVGA (800 x 480) widescreen LCD with the company’s ‘DRIVE-S II’ (puntastic) tech for tweaking sound and image quality. Support for CDs, DVDs, Super Audio CDs, iPods, DivX, WMA and MP3 also means you won’t be short of distractions while approaching that tricky roundabout.

Audio output is equally impressive too with the option of 5.1 channel surround sound out and Dolby Digital surround and dts Digital Surround processing, while a digital EQ7, Zone-by-zone output, X-DSP alignment and up to 52W across four channels makes you easily the most annoying car in a traffic jam.

Finally, a combo of 3AV and auxiliary inputs means virtually any MP3 player, portable games console or even video camera can be fed through this monster – and all as you slalom those tricky speed bumps outside the local primary school.

The XAV-W1 goes on sale in September for a proportionately reasonable £799 incl. VAT and it will certainly provide you with months of pleasure while you sit behind the wheel of your car counting down the months until your licence is returned.

Sony UK