Sony Seeks To Boost Online Security

Sony’s issues with online security have been widely reported – and criticised – in the past couple of months, and in a bid to rebuild

its reputation the Japanese company has appointed a former US National Cyber

Security Centre director.

Philip Reitinger has been appointed to the newly-created

post of chief information security officer at Sony and will become a senior

vice-president reporting to the general counsel Nicole Seligman.

Last April 100 million users of Sony’s PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment and subsequently Sony Pictures had their information compromised due to several

breaches of its online security.

Philip Reitinger

While the company offered an apology and compensation to those affected, its reputation – and

profits – still took a sizeable hit.

When asked if the online attacks had been the genesis for the new

appointment, a spokesperson said: “Certainly the network issue was a

catalyst for the appointment. We are looking to bolster our network security

even further.”

Reitinger previously worked with Microsoft, as well as

the US Department of Defence, and will operate from a base in Washington.

With shares in the company taking a 55 per cent dip since

the company revealed the hacking, this move will be seen by shareholders as one

which had to be taken. Whether or not it will have the desired effect will only be known in


Source: Reuters