Sony says it will never launch an Xperia Z6

With the launch of the X series of Xperia phones at MWC 2016, Sony left fans wondering whether they were witnessing the demise of the long-running Z series.

Now it seems the Xperia Z5 will be the last in the Z series as multiple sources have seemingly confirmed the news.

Jun Makino, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sony Mobile, told uSwitch: “I can’t comment on the future, but we will not be releasing a Z6.”

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He also said that Sony is “turning to the next stage, with the Xperia X series”.

This could mean more X series phones in the future, in addition to the Xperia XA, Xperia X, and Xperia X Performance which were announced at MWC this year.

Elsewhere, Sony Mobile Germany has seemingly confirmed that there are no plans to release an Xperia Z6.

In response to a fan enquiry on Facebook, the company said “the Xperia X series is under a completely new concept and will replace the Z series”.

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The X Performance handset will therefore likely be Sony’s flagship handset for 2016, although it looks as though it will only be released in Asia, and possibly the US.

Still, the Xperia X is almost identical to the Performance, although it runs on on a Snapdragon 650 processor as opposed to the Snapdragon 820 which can be found in the Performance.

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