Sony Reveals Bravia ZX1 Advert

Employs a model called 'too fat' by an agency to advertise a super thin TV.

Bouncing multi-coloured balls and the eminently cute Bravia Bunnies (if anyone from Sony is reading, I still want one!) I understand, but, Sony, when we have to resort to Google to find out what the relevance of the model in your photographs is, you’re probably Doing It Wrong. Far be it from me to deny you all the chance to decide for yourselves, so here are the images in question:

To clarify for anyone as confused as we were initially, Katie Green (who after careful and extensive inspection we decided was also present at the Nikon D3X launch) was a model apparently proclaimed ‘too fat’ by an advertising agency. So asking her to pose with an ultra-thin TV isn’t perhaps sending the clearest of messages if you ask me. TV’s can be too fat and so can models? Okay then Sony…

Getting back on topic, the TV featured in the photos is the Bravia KDL-40ZX1 – a 40in LCD TV just 9.9mm in thickness. The ZX1 achieves its svelte dimensions by moving all the tuner and receiver equipment to a separate, wireless, unit.

An unfortunate side effect of that decision is that despite boasting a 1,920 x 1,080 panel, the set won’t take full advantage of it as the wireless connection employed is only capable of streaming 1080i imagery. That’s quite the oversight on Sony’s part, especially as 1080p-capable transmitters have been available since 2007!

Still, prove me wrong if you will, but I can’t help but postulate the kind of person who will be persuaded to buy a £3k television just because the adverts boast a girl dressed frankly quite inappropriately for the current weather probably won’t know what 1080p is or why they should want it anyway.

Feel free to splash out now, should you be so inclined.

Sony Bravia KDL-40ZX1 product page.

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