Sony PS3 Price Drop Rumours Abound

All I want for Christmas is an affordable console. And some games worth playing.

Bizarre as it seems to me, our local supermarkets are now displaying Christmas wares, so I guess the time has come for us to hear some seasonal rumours. Possibly the most interesting of which (at the moment at least) are the claims that the 40GB PS3 previously rumoured is to be introduced at an event on the 12th.

Sony is, of course, denying any such plans, which considering its track record inclines us to think the new model and price drop is exactly what is planned for announcement. Along with the planned new(er) and cheaper console there is also a speculated price drop for the current 60GB system.

Exactly how much is expected to be lopped off the 60GB machine is unknown, but general consensus seems to be that we’ll see it in-stores for around £350. If you factor in the cost of a wireless adaptor for the Xbox 360 Elite then the two would be pretty much the same money for their equivalent packages.

As well as a smaller hard drive the new console will supposedly sacrifice two USB ports, in addition to the memory card slots. Seeing as two production lines producing two products is less efficient than two lines making one product, the removal of the components wouldn’t be helping Sony reduce costs but rather, due to economies of scale, increase them. There isn’t even a speculated price yet, other than it will be aimed to rival the Xbox 360 in terms of price.

Just for fun, I’d also appreciate it if you could all spread the rumour that some decent games will be released before Christmas as well, so that we can actually use the kit we’ll no doubt be compelled to buy at the new, lower price.

Sony PS3 UK.