Sony OLED Even Better In The Flesh

Sony's OLED screens really have to be seen to be believed.

Following on from Hugo’s report yesterday, I can confirm that the highlight of Sony’s stand at CEATEC was the plethora of OLED screens on display. If you thought that the picture Hugo published yesterday looked good, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Sony had dozens of XEL-1 TVs on display and I can only say that I hadn’t expected to be quite so impressed by the 11in screen, despite having seen OLED displays before. The colours were unbelievably vivid, the viewing angle astounding and the design superb, even by Sony standards.

When I say that the screen itself is wafer thin, that’s not a euphemism, it really ”is” that thin. The suspended design of the screen just adds to its sleek and stylish appeal, and despite being tiny by TV standards, I can’t help but want one – but then I am a bit of a gadget junky. As Hugo mentioned, the XEL-1 will be available in December, but only out here in Japan – good thing it’s not available now, otherwise I might be bringing one home with me.

But even more impressive than the XEL-1 was the large screen OLED sample that Sony was showing. Obviously this is a prototype engineering sample, but the effect was very impressive indeed. Despite the fact that the prototype screen was far larger than the XEL-1, it didn’t appear to be much thicker, making it an ideal wall mounted proposition. I’ll have one for my bedroom and one for the kitchen please!