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Sony mocks Xbox One pre-owned restrictions with PS4 game sharing video guide

Sony has mocked its gaming rival Microsoft, with the Japanese manufacturer poking fun at the Xbox One pre-owned and game sharing restrictions which have cause outrage amongst gamers.

With the upcoming PS4 not restricted by the same DRM game locking features as the Xbox One, Sony has launched a PS4 game sharing video guide, highlighting just how easy it is to let friends borrow your next-generation titles.

Imposing no bars or limitations on how gamers can share their disc based games, Sony has avoided a seeming pitfall that has caused many avid gamers to already declare their disinterest in the upcoming Xbox One. Microsoft’s next-gen console will see those wanting to borrow games or buy pre-owned titles forced to pay a licensing fee in order to do so.

“This is how to share your games on PS4,” a Sony representative states in the mocking video guide before simply handing the disc over to a colleague. The YouTube posted video is able to be viewed below.

Offering additional insight into the next-gen consoles, both Sony and Microsoft confirmed the PS4 and Xbox One prices last night, with the PlayStation branded gamer again taking the higher ground lining up £80 cheaper than its lead rival.

While the Xbox One price will see wannabe owners forced to fork out £429 for the revised Kinect bragging device, the PS4 price has been set at a more wallet friendly £349.

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