Sony Marks 50 Million PlayStation Portable Sales

Not doing as badly as some like to suggest it seems.

For all the stick Sony’s PSP gets, there’s no denying it has longevity. It’s been through three revisions thus far, with rumours of a forth to come, been made GPS, video messaging and Skype compatible and, now, 50 million of the things have been sold.

In fact, even more consoles have likely been sold as Sony says the figure was reached as of the 1st of January. As poor as sales may be, it seems unlikely that not a single PSP would be bought in the last month or so.

Admittedly, the number pales in comparison to some of Sony’s other consoles, such as the PlayStation 2 which just passed the 50 million mark in North America alone. Nor is Sony likely to enjoy conceding that Nintendo has sold nearly twice as many DS and DS Lites. Nonetheless, it’s a noteworthy and impressive landmark for the PSP.

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