Sony Licensing amBX Technology For PlayStation 3

No longer limited to Philips speakers alone.

Considering the technology was developed by Philips, it’s perhaps a little surprising to hear that amBX, as sported by the SGC5103BD speaker set, will be making its way to the PS3. But thanks to a “Tools & Middleware License agreement” between Sony Computer Entertainment and amBX the ambilight-like tech will soon also be sported by Sony’s console – ambient lighting flashing, air blowing and all.

The upshot of this pact, is that amBX effects will no longer be limited to PC games, but can be enjoyed – or at least experienced – with console titles, too. The free SDK has apparently been licensed to “many” games developers and publishers so hopefully for fans or would-be adopters of amBX kit we’ll see specific games announcing support for the tech. Updates to games such as GRID and Alone in the Dark which already offer support on the PC seem likely.

Knowing Sony we’ll probably even see an amBX zone popping in PlayStation Home in the near future. Allowing non-users to see the potential benefits and owners to experience them – it’s not like Home is much use for anything else currently.


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