Sony Launches Hi-Fi MA Series Headphones

Sony UK has announced its MA Series of open-back headphones. There are five models, all aimed at home use for hi-fi, PC, TV and gaming. The flagship MDR-MA900 features large, 70mm dome-type drivers with Neodymium magnets. Sony says it is the first time that a driver of this size has been built into one of its open-style headphones. Its claimed frequency response is a very wide 5Hz to 40,000Hz.

The lower frequencies are bolstered by an Acoustic Bass Lens to “focus low-end notes”, and an impedance compensator, which Sony says “helps maintain a fuller, more even bass response than can be experienced in other open-type headphones.”

The 195g MDR-MA900 is made using aluminium and magnesium to save weight, while the slim headband has a flexible head cushion to adapt to different head shapes.
Sony MDR-MA900
Elsewhere in the range, the MDR-MA500 and MDR-MA300 have a flexible ear fit mechanism for “ultra-relaxing wear during lengthy movie, music or gaming sessions.” The MDR-MA500 has a 40mm dome-type driver with Neodymium magnets and a 8Hz-25,000Hz frequency response.

The MDR-MA300, MDR-MA102TV and MDR-MA100 all use standard 40mm dome-type drivers. The frequency response for the MDR-MA300 is 10Hz-24,000Hz, and for the final two models it’s 12Hz–22,000Hz.

The MDR-MA100 has soft fabric earpads, and the MDR-MA102TV is the same as the MA100 except for an longer 5m cord and in-line volume control.

The MA series will be available in the UK from May 2012.

Sony UK